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행복합니다 - I’m Happy

Starting today, I will quit smoking.
I will cut open fresh knowledge.
I will cross a mark in this company.
I will suppress my breath and live.

Starting today, I will take a precious breaths.
I will wet my neck with cold water.
I will hold this child’s wrist in my hand.
Do you think I will ever throw you away?

Starting today, I will quit (taking precious breaths)
I will cut (my neck with cold water)
I will cross (wrist in my hand)
I will (throw) my breath (away)

- Epik High

(When you put the song’s two choruses together, the apparently optimistic lyrics become suicidal. It’s done so at the end of the song, but it is slightly unclear. That’s why many people don’t realize it. This is a not-so-great translation of the lyrics, but if I tried to do it as accurately as possible, the combination of the two wouldn’t make any sense.)

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